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Credit Cards in 18923 (Fountainville, PA)

Credit Card Debt in 18923

^ Average credit card debt in 18923 is approximately $4,629, based on overall Pennsylvania data. [1]

Credit Card Delinquency in 18923

^ Based on overall Pennsylvania data, the credit card delinquency rate in Fountainville is approximately 0.54%. [2]

Credit Scores in 18923

^ The average credit score in Fountainville is approximately 709, based on collective Pennsylvania data. [3]

PA Credit Cards

Credit Card & Personal Finance Statistics in 18923

Credit Card Debt in 18923

  • 18923 Credit Card Debt
    • The estimated average credit card debt for 18923 residents is $4,629. [1]
    • Average credit card debt amount in Pennsylvania (all cities) is 7% less than the national average of $4,965.
    • Collectively, Pennsylvania cities rank 36th in the U.S. in average credit card debt. [1]

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18923 Credit Scores

  • Credit Scores in 18923
    • Residents of 18923 (PA) have an estimated average credit score of 709. [3]
    • The average credit score in Pennsylvania (all cities) is 1.87% greater than the national average score of 696.
    • Pennsylvania collectively ranks 19th in the U.S. in average credit score of residents. [3]

More 18923 (Fountainville, PA) Credit Stats

  • Credit card delinquency rates in Pennsylvania [2]
    • Pennsylvania residents (all cities) rank 30th in the U.S. with a rate that is 5% less than the national average of 0.57%.
  • Cardholders in 18923 who are more than 90 days late on payments
    • Pennsylvania Rate: 0.54%
    • National Average: 0.57%
  • Statute of limitations for credit card debt in 18923 [4]
    • 18923 (Pennsylvania) Law: 4 years
    • U.S. State Average: 5.4 years
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Additional information about Pennsylvania

About 18923

18923 is associated with the city of Fountainville, which is located in Bucks County in the state of Pennsylvania. [6]

PA Credit Cards

18923 Credit Cards

For more information about 18923 credit cards, or for additional resources regarding credit cards overall, visit Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Did you know?

A lot can be learned by looking at the first digits of a credit card. For example, MasterCards all begin with numbers between 51 and 55.

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