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Credit Cards in 50138 (Knoxville, IA)

Credit Card Debt in 50138

^ Average credit card debt in 50138 is approximately $3,885, based on overall Iowa data. [1]

Credit Card Delinquency in 50138

^ Based on overall Iowa data, the credit card delinquency rate in Knoxville is approximately 0.41%. [2]

Credit Scores in 50138

^ The average credit score in Knoxville is approximately 714, based on collective Iowa data. [3]

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Credit Card & Personal Finance Statistics in 50138

Credit Card Debt in 50138

  • 50138 Credit Card Debt
    • The estimated average credit card debt for 50138 residents is $3,885. [1]
    • Average credit card debt amount in Iowa (all cities) is 22% less than the national average of $4,965.
    • Collectively, Iowa cities rank 51st in the U.S. in average credit card debt. [1]

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50138 Credit Scores

  • Credit Scores in 50138
    • Residents of 50138 (IA) have an estimated average credit score of 714. [3]
    • The average credit score in Iowa (all cities) is 2.59% greater than the national average score of 696.
    • Iowa collectively ranks 10th in the U.S. in average credit score of residents. [3]

More 50138 (Knoxville, IA) Credit Stats

  • Credit card delinquency rates in Iowa [2]
    • Iowa residents (all cities) rank 43rd in the U.S. with a rate that is 28% less than the national average of 0.57%.
  • Cardholders in 50138 who are more than 90 days late on payments
    • Iowa Rate: 0.41%
    • National Average: 0.57%
  • Statute of limitations for credit card debt in 50138 [4]
    • 50138 (Iowa) Law: 10 years
    • U.S. State Average: 5.4 years

Credit Card Complaints in or near 50138 (Knoxville, IA)

Recent credit card complaints originating from consumers in 50138, IA. Local consumers submitted these credit card complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The date of the complaint, type of complaint and status of the inquiry are listed below.[5]

Consumer Complaints by Issue in 50138

Complaint Issue Number of Complaints*
Improper use of your report 3
Managing an account 2
Getting a credit card 1
Problem when making payments 1
Problem with a purchase shown on your statement 1
* Total 2021 - 2024 (current)

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Additional information about Iowa

About 50138

50138 is associated with the city of Knoxville, which is located in Marion County in the state of Iowa. [6]

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50138 Credit Cards

For more information about 50138 credit cards, or for additional resources regarding credit cards overall, visit Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Did you know?

Paying with plastic? American Express was the first company with an actual plastic credit card - the first being introduced in 1958.

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